Goochicoo Mom Juice Mug


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Forget orange juice, apple juice, carrot juice or whatever else people are running through a juicer nowadays, this mug is for one thing and one thing only - Mom Juice! The properties of Mom Juice are a mystery and some speculate that it might just be ordinary coffee, but there have been a few eye witness accounts that swear that it’s wine. Who knows? Only Mom!

Baffle the whole family with your very own Mom Juice mug. It’s adorable on the outside but could be very heavily caffeinated on the inside! Don’t let them know what’s in your mug today, it’s fun to keep ‘em guessing!

All of our mugs are 100% ceramic.

Our printing process will ensure that your colours stay brilliant as you sip from your mug everyday. All mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.
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