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Aunty Acid is the Sassy Senior from The Backland Studio that has taken the internet by storm since launch in April 2012, with an ever expanding fan page that reaches over 40 million people each week. And here's the team responsible:


GED  Old Lion 

Created Aunty Acid. Keeps everything together and makes sure the bunch of wildlings that he has surrounded himself with are constantly inspired, fed and watered.

RAYCHEL  Young Lioness 

Raychel is the creative director of Aunty Acid and makes sure the ship… well goes. She brings Aunty Acid to life on a day to day basis.

DAVE  The Wizard 

Upon arrival at work, Dave swaps his motorcycle helmet for a Wizard's hat and sets about bringing Aunty Acid to life with his trusty "colouring in" pens and a sprinkle of photoshop magic.

 DAN  Social Media 

The thinker of profound thoughts and the young gun of the studio, listens to some ropey music and is learning something new everyday. 


GYTIS  Designer 

In charge of getting all your wonderful Mugs to their new homes safely, Gytis is the director of Aunty Acid’s official store