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Sale Aunty Acid Never Underestimate A Nurse - The Official Aunty Acid Store

Aunty Acid Never Underestimate A Nurse

Anyone who knows a nurse knows how strong, resilient and tough they are… But if you knew about the daily war they have to go through to keep a pen for a whole 24 hour period you’d be freakin’ surprised. It just so happens that keeping a pen on a ward is the equivalent of wearing a suit made of candy in a pre-k class and expecting to walk away fully dressed. Let a nurse know you appreciate her strength and awesomeness with this funny, bright & beautiful mug form Aunty Acid.

All of our mugs are printed with love and are best served with a slice of sass.

Dishwasher safe (because who’s got time for dishes Puh-lease)

100% ceramic and ready for your bags and beans.