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Aunty Acid Personalised Happy Birthday Aerobics Wine Bottle


Okay everybody, if you could all relax and we'll begin. Take a nice deep breath, lift your wine glass to your lips, take a nice deep sip, and breathe out. Ahhhhh! Just what I freakin' needed!

If you know a birthday beauty that's all about wine aerobics, then congratulations, you've found the perfect present for them! It's got all the core moves, including the stretch and sip, the booze balance and the downward drinkie. AND it has all the wine they could need for a good work out! What more could they possibly need?

About Our Wine

We have selected two quality British wines for you to choose from, with a choice of white Distant Vines with a crisp and refreshing taste, with lively flavours of gooseberry, melon and apple. Or a fruity Ros Distant Vine, offering a soft and fruity overtone of mouth-watering raspberry and ripe cherries.

About our labels
Our full colour personalised labels are resistant to scratching and printed using the highest quality inks with water proof technology.

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