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Sale Aunty Acid Yes I’m A Nurse Mug - The Official Aunty Acid Store

Aunty Acid Yes I’m A Nurse Mug

Nurses,we’ve seen it all, literally, you’ve gotta have something pretty freakin special to gross us out but weirdly enough that doesn’t mean they want to look at that mole on your bum when we go to your house for a dinner party … We’ve now got the perfect mug for letting your loved ones, strangers on the bus, or just about anyone know that FLASHING someone is actually a serious offence in most countries so please STAHP. Take your freaky body parts to the doctors and let us enjoy our tea in peace. Okay? Thank you!

All of our mugs are printed with love and are best served with a slice of sass.

Dishwasher safe (because who’s got time for dishes Puh-lease)

100% ceramic and ready for your bags and beans.