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Sale Queens Of Sass Hi! Mug - The Official Aunty Acid Store

Queens Of Sass Hi! Mug

Hello, you sass-tastic person!

Wait, did I mean hello? Or did I mean go away and leave me alone? Some days I don’t know if I want to be everybody’s bestie or go and live in a cabin in the woods with nobody but me and some cats. Do these cabins have Netflix? Because that’s a serious deal breaker right there.

If you swing from super friend to antisocial monster at a moment’s notice, this mug was made for you! You might not know if you want to tell someone to go away, or to come over here and have a chat, or if you want to tell them to go away just so you can then tell them to come back, but at least your morning coffee will know how you feel. And let’s be honest, coffee is the most understanding person you know.

  • All of our mugs are 100% ceramic.
  • Our printing process will ensure that your colours stay brilliant as you sip from your mug everyday. All mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Change your mind? No problem with our 30 day no hassle returns!

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